Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Hello! ^.^

I've decided to start posting stuff to make and do on this blog, and I decided to start with mobiles!

No, I don't mean this sort, thank goodness:

I mean this sort!
Sorry, bad photo, but you get the jist. And yes, it's hanging from a ceiling-light. 

How to make one...

  1. Choose the theme. It could be a beach themed one, or a four seasons themed one, or a meadow themed one. Personally, I made a forest themed one. 
  2. Collect the hanging objects, such as seashells if you're doing a beach themed one, or dried grasses for a meadow themed one. Or whatever you can think of! Be creative! You will need four objects. Choose ones which will not rot or shed parts of them. 
  3. Find two sticks of a good size. It's great if you can find some which match your theme, such as driftwood for a beach themed one. I used sticks with moss and lichen on for my forest themed one. 
  4. Cross the sticks over each other and tie them together.
  5. Tie a piece of string from the ends of each stick.
  6. On the other end of the stick, tie one of the objects. 
  7. And you're done! Hang it in a room, or give it to a friend. 

Going Further...

Once you've made a number of ones like above, try experimenting further. If you look "hanging mobile" up on Google Images, it will show you lots of different elaborate styles for how you tie the sticks, etc.! Also, instead of hanging things from Nature on your mobile, you can choose Christmas decorations (they'll be hangable), for a Christmas mobile - or you can make a painted Easter egg mobile - or anything else you can think of! 
Happy creating! :b

PS. A big thank you to FrostWolf for this beautiful signature!


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