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A Day in the Life of a Peasant
By Edwingrim2

I crouch on the slick rock, pulling my wool poncho more tightly around me. The river gushes across the meadow, cutting right through the damp grass. I am navigating my way across the jagged boulders, attempting to capture a few clay-colored crayfish in a plastic jar. 
I stick a hand into the babbling body of water. The coldness numbs my fingers, and I wiggle them, my brow furrowed. I dip the jar into the sludgy bottom, and it emerges with a clam shell, a water nettle, and a crayfish. 
Startled at the sight of a rare water nettle, I release my hold on the jar and it plummets into the river, spraying frothy foam. 
"No!" I gasp, darting along after the jar as quickly as I can manage.
After a bit of fruitless chasing, I roll up the cuffs of my jeans and hop into the stream, gritting my teeth as a chill spreads up my spine. I pick my way between the rocks, into a dip in the river, my ankles soaked. As the bottle bobs into reach, I make a wild grab, grasp the clear rim, and clutch it to myself. I haven't gone that far. I wade out of the creek and plod back towards my thatched cottage, my boots leaving damp tracks in the rustling grass. 
As I open the door, a pool of light spreads onto my feet as the shadow from the house and the bright day outside blend together like oil on paint. I begin to pluck the leaves from the thyme and basil plants nestled together on the window sill. 
And so my adventurous afternoon concludes, leaving me to sort and bag herbs for my family until the first twinklings of dust spread across the sky. 

Metal Frost and Mecha Snowyclaw
By Amy Jiao

As the title says, I will be doing a post about the tension between the Metal Jamaasian Heroes and the Jamaasian Heroes. This will be the start of the "Metallic Heroes" saga, which will be taking up at least 3 posts.

It was a normal day in Jamaa, any sort of normal day.
The Jamaasian Heroes were taking a break from vigorous exercise and chillin' in the Summer Carnival, eating cotton candy like Pac-Man and whacking the phantom dolls in Whack-A-Phantom like little maniacs. Some of the other Jammers stared at them when Zion or Ledra would grab a plushie and yell "Jackpot!", but otherwise they were doing fine. The vendors were being extra nice today, the games were actually pretty darn fun, and the girls had fun trying on new outfits and squeezing the plushies until the seller told them to stop unless they wanted to squeeze the filling out.
However, Snowyclaw could sense something was wrong.
Very wrong.
The hot day didn't really daunt her, but her nose sensed an Alpha's aura flying overhead, madly scrambling.
Was Keldeo trying to fly with his water jets again?
Snowy shook her head, as the aura was much more powerful and old.
Suddenly, she heard a shriek as something that looked like Frost carried a flailing Edmund overhead.
A little rabbit pointed up.
"Mommy! I want a flying giraffe!" the rabbit screeched, tugging at her mother's fur.
"Yes, sweetiepie. Good for you, sweetpie." the mother said, apparently a tad distracted by the splendor of the freckles on the Candy Catch manager's snout.
"But mommy!"
"Yes, dear. Good for you, dear."
"You're impossible! I'll find some other mommy!"
After the rabbit stepped away from her mommy, though, she started wailing and clung to her mother.
Snowy growled in amusement, as it was the best thing she had saw all day, but she had more serious matters to think about.
First of all, she checked the odd fire coming from Frost's paws.
It was orange, which meant it wasn't the bright white icefire Frost was limited to manipulating, and Mira had clearly stated in her dreams that Frost's powers were almost at their peak. She still hadn't discovered all the ways to manipulate icefire, let alone control regular fire.
And the bright shine on Frost's fur wasn't natural. She tried to catch Frost's scent.
She smelled some, but it was coming from across from her, where Frost (huh?) was shooting the phantoms in the hidden archery range with plungers and screaming "Die, filthy filth!"
Then, it came to her.
It was Metal Frost, half-created and kidnapping Edmund right under her nose.
Unfortunately, just then a portal opened in a cloud and Metal Frost went in it.
Snowyclaw knew what she had to do.
She leapt onto Drakus's back and scratched him.
He flew, muttering under his breath.
"Lift the others up with your telekinesis!" she yowled, desperately trying to control the croc.
"I'm trying! You're weighing me down!"
Snowyclaw bravely leaped off Drakus's back. Understanding what she was up to, he grabbed all of the Jamaasian Heroes with his blue telekinesis and flew into the closing portal.

As the purple and yellow colors streaked by her, and wondered about Olivia.
That poor Twoleg, Sir Gilbert was over-training her. Twolegs couldn't handle the same bulk most of the Jamaasian Heroes handled, let alone an Alpha.
She saw Metal Frost's buttocks in front of her, and aimed her sword.
Just like a slot machine, the sword bounced off Metal Frost's hide like a penny against a steel wall.
Metal Frost turned, and made a growling noise.
"Impure hero, I wield four times your power. Surrender or have this useless giraffe here roboticized.
Snowy snorted at that empty threat, but her eyes widened to dinner plate proportion when Metal Frost switched arm types using her gadget "Arm-Add-Ons" and readied a roboticizer beam. Edmund's head flopped up and down, up and down in the wind.
Drakus transformed into a wyvern, but his scales were gnarled this time, as if he had aged fifty wyvern years.
He roared, and tried to knock Metal Frost silly, but Metal Frost dug her sharp claws into Drakus's soft belly.
Blood gushed from his deep wounds, and Drakus turned back into his normal self.
Snowyclaw managed to use her calming and healing powers to rejuvenate Drakus's health, but a nasty purple scar on his belly made her want to barf in public.
All of a sudden, they were deposited in a small cave where Metal Frost had apparently made her hideout. Some charred remains of the Nanyte Labs were distinguishable, but others just seemed like heaps of steel. One remain, however, was freakishly in mint condition.
The newest model of roboticizer, the E-30002. It had pads and chains inside to hold especially squirmy prisoners, and also very streamlined controls for fast or slow roboticization.\
The Jamaasian Heroes tried to pounce and save Edmund, but alas... an electric cage fell on them, placed perfectly to hold them.
Frost, the eldest and strongest of them all, tried to rip the cage to shreds, but the cage was held together by some odd Vramaasian tech.
The Jamaaisan Heroes were forced to watch in horror as Edmund was roboticized slowly, which most villains thought was all the fun- slow agony.
Suddenly, Metal Frost, with her glaring eyes and sharp edges and loose wires, yanked Snowy out of the cage.
Apparently, the mechanized were immune to electric cages.The other Jamaasian Heroes struggled to get Snowy back to them, to no avail.
Snowyclaw struggled and reached for her sword, then sighed when she grasped thin air.
Her sword had been reflected by Metal Frost's thick hide, and was left to the wrath of the interdimensional world. Snowy had no idea where it was or what it was doing as of current time.
Metal Frost's claws dug into her fur, scraping her skin and causing her beautiful hide to bleed.
Snowy didn't like being a girly-girl, but she hated it when blood stained her twirled fur. In fact, she would mop up the blood quickly after each battle just for her look's sake.
It was instinct, she guessed.
"Faker! Put my friend down or else!" Frost screeched.
The empty vastness of Metal Frost's eyes glared at Frost.
"Faker? You are my faker! My powerful aura prevents you from using any sort of magic around my radius! You are as helpless as a little gnat!" Metal Frost beeped.
Frost huffed.
"Lies after lies. How impressive. Purity control." Frost said.
Nothing happened.
"Purity control, purity control! Are you listening, my two Mira Feathers and that emerald? Purity control!"
Metal Frost cackled at Frost's helplessness.
"Oh, how much you cannot do in my presence! Watch my roboticizer work before I send you back!" Meta; Frost snapped, and threw Snowy in.
Mecha Edmund dodged swiftly, and went to his new master's side. His new metallic skin was full of glowing grooves shaped like lines with circles at their ends.
Snowy struggled against the barrier blocking her from her friends, but the glass had triple thick layers even a sumo wrestler couldn't pierce.
A beam went up between two bean-shaped pods on each side of the cylinder, and slowly she felt flesh turn into gears, nerves into wires, and her bones into a sturdy frame. She shrieked and begged for mercy (how pathetic) and also banged on the glass, but Metal Frost watched her misery with pleasure and a slight smirk.
"Oh, how I enjoy this! I will even switch the roboticization type to shell-absorb (where a large beam coats the victim and fuses itself into their essence, making them robotic) for even more pain!
Suddenly, bands of sonic waves wrapped around Snowyclaw, binding her already half-robotic body to the machine.
As if she already wasn't helpless.
Snowyclaw took one last helpless glance at her friends, also helpless to what was happening, and comprehended her "death",
"I would die just for Jamaa, buddies. It's been a great time knowing you. I'm so sorry it had to come to this, but to save you guys, I would happily be roboticized in exchange for your safety. Mia and Frost, please run the blog for me. Again, these will probably be my last words..."
Frost and Mia nodded, tears stinging their eyes like nettles.
"Thank you for everything.."
The ray closed in on Snowy's essence, and she smiled.
Snowy was now robotic, and officially a mecha slave.
She stood on two legs, and saluted Metal Frost.
"DEFEND MASTER-PRIORITY ONE." she hissed, and clanked to the side of her new master.
Frost wailed as the rest of the Jamaasian Heroes were sucked back to their world, one of their kind extracted too easily.


Cat by Aubrey R.
I like it! It's very cute! Keep it up! :D

Winged-wolf father and mother-to-be by FrostWolf
I love the lighting and sort of enchantedness of it! Beautiful. 

Winged-wolf pups suckling their mother by FrostWolf
Wow! That is really good, Frosty!

Wolves by FrostWolf
Nice! ^.^

Dragon by FrostWolf
It's so good!

Wolf by FrostWolf
How did you do the moon?! How?!

Cat by Amelia0308
It's really good!

Cat by Amelia0308
I really like this one! CUTE!

Kittens by Amelia0308
Aww! :)

Kitten by Amelia0308

Cat by Amelia0308
Nice! :D
Horse by ChocolateCandy
*Gasps* *Faints* AMAZING!

Dragon by Ainoa18
Really good! :D

By Avvy G
Nice! :)

Other Creations

Pressed leaves by pupp1266!

Lovely! ^.^

Box by pupp1266!

Wow! How did you do it? 


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  4. The Jamaasian Heroes is the best fanfic I have read so far. Who wrote it, and what is his/her blog so I can read some more?

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    4. Yeah, once in like 5th grade we read a book (very small) that an 8 year old wrote

      That is pawsome!

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  16. Emma woke up bright and early so she could prepare her perfect day. Or, maybe not so perfect.
    "Mom! Where are all my clothes!?" Emma shouted in confusion
    "Oh, about that... we had to give them away to afford things."
    "You did WHAT!?"

    Okay this story is going nowhere so I"m just gonna end it there

    1. Give away her clothes...? O.O

    2. I know.. I just do that a lot . I write parts of stories then I don't like em so I just flat out stop them XD

  17. I'll write something... ahem...

    The tawny brown feline meticulously groomed her paw, purring as a platter of kibbles was set before her, a mix of wet food and dry food.
    Her owner gazed at the cat with wide, deep blue eyes like wishing wells. The cat looked away, scared of drowning in them. Her human had been sad a lot lately.
    "There, there, Amber," her human said as the cat's gentle purr morphed into a high whine. "Calm down."

  18. Not terrific.
    Maybe I'll comment more of the story later?
    Just for future reference, Amber is the cat and Teresa is the human.

  19. Is my story OK enough to be published? O.O

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  26. The sand rushed throughout my toes as I ran toward the ocean blowing my whistle. Many came around to see what all of the commotion was about. When I pulled Hally out of the water, many gasped at the sight. This was just another ordinary day of being a lifegaurd.
    We get Hally consious again, and let her stand up. Her family was very excited that she was able to live. After almost drowning in nearly 30 foot waters, it was lucky that they still had her.
    "Oh Hally I thought you weren't going to live!" Said one of the family members.
    Hally barked and wagged her tail. She seemed just fine! Water was just one of dogs natural instincts. She didn't mean to drown- all of the commosion made her scared!

    Haha- were you expecting a dog to be Hally?

    1. I wasn't expecting Hally to be a dog! XD

    2. Ha i wasn't either, but I felt like the writing needed some... ACTION

    3. Indeed. :P
      You should describe Hally's coat color and what type of dog she is!

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  28. I made the box at school in like a woods class. That class changes for me in november.. I"ll be going to cooking!

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    2. So far, I know that I get to make:
      S'mores sticks
      Flavored popcorn
      and some other things that I can't remember right now

  29. I wanna make like a blog where you can make a request for a story then I'll write one for that subject or whatevere..

  30. I'm planning on sending some writing in soon

  31. Metaphors also make writing GREAT!!

    Blown into discovery
    The land of mystics was all discovered when a leaf landed on top of 12 year old Lacey’s sandy blonde head of hair. Lacey was an exciting type of girl, at home and school. Though she rarely showed up to school and had nearly no knowledge of schooling. Lacey was a disgrace to the town.
    While wandering in the woods, Lacey thought she felt something land on her head, but it didn’t mind her. Usually the girl was dirty anyways. All the sudden, a huge gust of wind knocked her right to her feet. “Oompf!” she exclaimed. The wind brought hundreds of thousands of crispy leafs hurtling toward her face. Lacey buried her face into her hands, trying to keep leafs out of her eyes. She curled up onto the ground, so she would stay put and not possibly blow away in the wind.
    After what felt like an hour, two measly minutes had passed when the wind finally stopped blowing. When Lacey managed to come to her senses, she squinted, fearing that leafs would come back again. She realized that they weren’t coming back and fully opened her big blue eyes. She sat up, and what she saw was unbelievable.


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