Monday, September 9, 2013


Hello! :3

As several of you have been wondering what is coming for the Other Creations section of the Dawn's Creations page, I decided that I'd ask you to guess, and then you'd see how close you were...

So, comment your guesses! If you get it right, I'll mention this on the page. :) 

~Dawn Woodlands~


  1. Maybe something like this?
    It was on kiny´s personal blog and said you were looking for that pic.

  2. Sculptures?
    Pressed flowers? (That was random XD)
    Drawings of certain people?

  3. O.O You people can see into my mind O.O

    1. It is, you have no idea O.O
      For instance, you may know that I randomly go up to my mum, and say:
      "You're fluffy, and so am I."
      Well, considering the fact I just told you.... And that's just minor in comparison to the other embarrassing things I do all the time.... O.O

  4. Replies
    1. Mind readers? Let me guess what you are thinking...

    2. Uhrmmm... you want an Oreo? O.o

    3. No clue. Not the faintest notion. :P


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