Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hello! This is just a quick post on an online game I've been playing recently - Howrse. 

It's an equine breeding game, and it's pretty cool. :) I am registered on the INTERNATIONAL SERVER as Rainydawn, with a big R and small d. ^.^ 

If you are on Howrse, please send me a message! :D And if you're thinking of joining, then please do!


  1. How did you find howrse anyways??

    1. My friend Leafa told me about Howrse ^.^ She still plays as WolfMajesty11.

    2. Howrse reminds me of... erm...

    3. Another interactive horse game. :3

    4. I think that it has the word 'equestrian' somewhere in the title.


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