Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Coming Absence

Hello, small-and-smelly people on the computer! (Those of you who are looking at this from tablets or mobilephones are not included in that frightful insult.)

Only joking! XD None of you, big or small, on the computer or otherwise, are smelly. At least, I can't be sure of that...O.O

All right, I'll stop fooling about. :3 Tomorrow, the day after, and possibly the day after that I will be absent from Blogger and Howrse and Email and generally absent from the Internet.

I am going to England for two days! :D We fly by aeroplane to London tomorrow, then on the same day we go and see my best friend (it'll be her birthday, you see!!!), and then the day after tomorrow we go to London, go to the dentist, and spend the night with our granny, before coming back home to France the next day. ^.^ I think that's our plans, anyway.

So, see you when I get back! :D Have a good time, and don't do anything I wouldn't do! X3

PS. Why am I fooling about so much in this post? :b Perhaps I'm just in a jokey mood - why did the skeleton cross the road?! XD


  1. Replies
    1. Nope! To get to the Body Shop! XD

      (In the UK, there's a shop called the Body Shop, where people go to buy soap and body cream and stuff like that - so that's the punchline XD)

  2. Okeydoke?
    I've never heard that before.

  3. Maybe I'll start commenting on a tablet. >:)


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