Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Holidays

Greetings, all things great and small!

The summer holidays have BEGUN! :D OK, I know, for some people they started ages ago - but yet, guess when they start for public-schoolers in the end of JULY! >:0 I know, drastic, eh?

Well, for me, they have began. In some ways, it means I will have more time for blogging and such - but I will also be going camping and visiting my granddad and stuff like that, in which case I will not be able to go on at all.

Oh, and in August I'm going to be very busy helping my family pack away the contents of our house - yes, I mean ALL OUR STUFF - to get our house ready to be let when we go to Africa in August. Yep, easier said than done. 

But throughout June and July - as well as part of August - I shall be mucking about and enjoying myself :D

What are you going to be doing these summer hols? :D


  1. Ahh.. the good old days- SUMMER.

  2. At my other school, school got out on June 2 or something and went back in June 22 or something.
    It's a weird schedule..

  3. Summer... boo-hoo, how I miss it! :'(

  4. I miss melting popsicles, the "high dive..."
    (The tall diving board)

  5. Flips underwater, sno-cones, dogs lapping water...


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