Saturday, June 1, 2013

Blog Designs

Hello! :D

I've recently been re-designing one or two of my blogs, and I thought that maybe I could do that for the rest of you! :D

Here are the steps of what to do if you want me to design a blog for you. :)

  1. First, you would have to email me ( saying which blog you want me to design for you, what your preferences are, and that sort of thing. 
  2. Then, you must go on Animal Jam and send Kinyonga (she is my sister and she has a membership, you see) a bronze brick or something of equal worth. Or, instead you could go on Howrse and send Rainydawn (that's me) an MK saddle. The virtual item would be the payment. 
  3. Then, I will design a look for your blog on my test blog, and then ask you if that's what you want. If it is, you'll have to make me an administrator (under basic settings) on your blog, and I'll apply it to your blog. If you are not happy with the look I designed, I'll edit it. :3
There! :D I solemnly swear, by the way, that I will not edit anything I'm not supposed to while I'm an admin on your blog. 

Please order! I love designing blogs. :)


  1. Cool!!!!!

    What is including in the designing?

  2. Who won the Storybook Contest? :3

    1. @vms915 - Thanks! It includes choosing a background, things which match, etc., and making a header and signature and stuff as well. :)

      @Anonymous - Goodness! I forgot to judge! Thanks for reminding me!

  3. I would like a background for my blog, please.
    It is . It should have something Jamaasian-themed. A kind of normal background such as yours would be nice.

    1. OK! :)
      I have a few background ideas, so please can you make me an administrator on your blog so I can apply them? ^.^

  4. I can personally vouch for SilverDAwn's integrity. So if you're looking for a second opinion, this is it! SilverDawn will do absolutely nothing but re-design the blog! She won't touch a thing that she's not supposed to!


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