Sunday, June 2, 2013


Hello! This is SilverDawn, here to announce the winners of the Storybook Character contest! 

The winnner of first place is...

Misty Pauls!

And here is their brilliant entry! 

Brightheart is a beautiful ginger tabby and white she-cat. She is a proud member of ThunderClan. She has a kind and loving heart, and she finds courage through her mate, Cloudtail. Brightheart appears in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. When she was just an apprentice in training, she went out with her good friend, Swiftpaw, to try and seek out what had been mysteriously snatching away prey from the ThunderClan camp. Early in the morning, Brightpaw and Swiftpaw sneak out of the camp through a secret exit near the elder cats’ den. Little do they know, but a ferocious dog pack is responsible for the stolen prey. As they follow a trail into Snackrocks, a rocky field haunted with adders, a powerful dog leaps out at them from the shadows. Other dogs follow him, but Brightpaw and Swiftpaw try desperately to ward them off. Swiftpaw is mercilessly killed, and Brightpaw is left with terrible scars and a missing eye. ThunderClan’s leader, Bluestar, gives her the cruel warrior name, Lostface. After that, she feels devastated. Cloudtail tries to comfort her, and he shows more love to her than he does anyone else. One day, Lostface peers into a puddle, and is frightened by her appearance. She then understood why every cat shuns her. Cloudtail assures her that she would always be beautiful in his eyes. Soon, ThunderClan’s new leader, Firestar, renames her Brightheart, and she feels more joyful than ever. Brightheart is my favorite storybook character because I love her sweet personality. Even though she might be ugly on the outside, in the inside, she is a very beautiful cat indeed.

I love this entry because it is so moral. Now, you may have noticed I said "first place" when there was originally only one place in this contest. Well, it was so difficult to judge that I decided to make a second place!

The winner of second place is...


The character I chose is Rakkety Tam MacBurl. He is the main character in the book Rakkety Tam, which is the 16th book in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. Tam is an extremely brave, courageous, and adventurous squirrel. He comes from the border (which is far north), and his friend, Doogy Plumm, comes from the Highlands. They are in the service of a king and queen, but goes off with Doogy to fight an evil monster that has come into Mossflower to take over Redwall Abbey. Tam and Doogy team up with a patrol of hares, and together, they all work to fight the monster and his army. Tam and Doogy have many adventures together, all while defending Redwall. Tam falls in love with the Infirmary sister at Redwall, Armel. I like Tam because he is so bold and crafty, but still kind-hearted, and extremely brave.

So, I think it seems fair for Misty to get the Chicken Smoothie Tess horse, and for Vms to get the Animal Jam sweet walls. Does that seem fair? :)

Well done, both of you! :D And as for those who didn't win, you must remember that EVERYONE's entry was awesome and it was really hard for me to judge, and they'll be lots more contests in the future! :D In fact, I'm going to put one up today or tomorrow! ^.^


  1. Thank you, too! That horse is my first very rare other than store pets!!! :3
    Misty ( hannahandmemy )

  2. Could you please host another one of these character ones? I have a character I want to share but I missed the contest. =(

    1. @vms - Congrats! :D

      @Misty - Congrats for you too! :D

      @Amy - I probably will, sometime in the future ;)


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