Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Meep fluffits :)

I am typing this from my granddad`s house in the Pyreenees ) and he has a different sort of compiuter and all the keys aren`t in the sa,e place as what I`m used to so sorry for typos ;)

How`s everything been going while I`ve been absent? I see I`ve only had two comments in the past week... pretty pathetic huh? ;)

I`ve done lots of drawings recently which I would post but they`re on the computer at home so I can`t access them... :b I also made a new header but I can`t access thqt either :b But I can change the background ;)

I hope my contributors keep this blog going! ^.^


  1. Cool!!! What happened to the header contest?

    1. Nothing happened to it ;)
      It`s still going on ^.^
      Results will be announced on March the 14th.


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