Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lent! And see you next Wednesday.

Hello fluffits! :)

It is now officially Lent, and I'm giving up going on the computer apart from on Wednesdays :b

I feel I spend far too much time on the computer so I'm going to stop. So I will be inactive with publishing and replying to comments apart from on Wednesdays, I hope nobody minds. 

I hope my blog contributors, Sasha and Amelia, (I wanted you Mango as a contributor too! :c) can keep this blog up for the rest of the week! Would it be possible for both of you to make at least one post a week? ^.^

If I forget and go on the computer when it's not Wednesday, do remind me, won't you? ;)

See you next Wednesday! :D

PS. Oh, and happy Valentine's Day for tomorrow :) remember that for children it's about loving kindness and not about boys (if you're a girl) or girls (if you're a boy). 


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