Monday, November 26, 2012

Calling Chicken Smoothie Players!

Hello Chicken Smoothie (another online game) players! On CS my username is Rainyivy and I am looking for someone with any of these pets:


More rabbits...

A butterfly wolf...

Another rabbit...!

A few more...!

Another rabbit!

Some more rabbits!

Or this Siamese...

Or these ones...

And lastly, guess what - three more rabbits! 0.0

So... does anyone have these? I'd trade almost anything for them! Anyone have some? Offer me a trade, my username is Rainyivy, as I have already mentioned. Thanks!


  1. Meep...I have the blue rabbit with swirls, but he's not for trade... But I also hve the orange rabbit with blue stripes..what will you trade for him?

    1. Me will see as soon as me can go on CS... probs tomorrow. Me be turning bad grammar :b Btw, here's a joke (it's British humour, you may not find it funny, but who knows? :b)

      A woman knocks on the door of a house. A boy answers the door.
      Woman: Sonny, where's your mother?
      Boy: She ain't 'ere is she
      Woman: Sonny, where's your father?
      Boy: 'e ain't 'ere is 'e?
      Woman: Sonny, where's your grammar?
      Boy: Oh, Gra'ma, she's upstairs having a lie down!

      I know it's a bit weird lol! Anyway, I'll probably offer for cute orange mabba with blue stripes tomorrow.

    2. LOLOLOLLL!! Dat story is supa cute!! ^-^ I likes his bad grammar XDD


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