Thursday, November 22, 2012

9 days left to enter my Contests!

Hello fuzzballs! You have 9 days left to enter my Contests! And I am now announcing the prizes! And, SleepySasha/Sasha Blythe, you still need to re-enter Fox Mania, all the Qs apart from two.

Winners of Fox Mania will be able to choose between a Cami's Frog, or a Beta Mat and 1holiday rare.(If there are more winners I'll have to expand the options).
Winners of Cat Mania will choose between Black Mech Angel Wings (donated by Kinyonga, the one, the only, the pawesome) or four items with a Rare Sign, which means they will never come out again.

So far, one person has won Cat Mania (there can be more than one winner - and the first winner gets first choice so hurry!), and no-one has entered Fox Mania. ENTER BOTH PLEASE!!!! 

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