Monday, November 19, 2012

I Might be Getting Authors! :D

Hello fuzzballs! I might be getting authors on my blog! (If you don't know - a blog author is someone who is able to post on my blog without hacking me). So be ready for Jocelyn Winter (MangoShapedSpace) and Sasha Blythe (SleepySasha) to be posting soon! Mango 'n' Sasha, you can post whatever you want, but if you could post about your art/writing that would be good. :) Thanks! I'm about to send you to author requests right now!

 PS. I've finally decided on a signature for this autumn! The picture's off Google images and I worded it using Microsoft Paint. What do you all think?



  1. Blargh...using a non-me-taken photo... D: lol! If it's what you want...but I wouldn't do it anyway! :p I can't believe I used to be addicted to takings pics of cats off google, and not taking 'em myself! 0.0 Anyway, wish me luck with meh fone call, pip-pip!


    p.s, kk, ik, that was a WEIRD commmetn :p and bad speeling to, cant be bothred :/

    1. Lol! But I won't use whole scenes and stuff which haven't been taken by you (or Mumsey or Daddy) so relax! :b

  2. Soooo what exactly should I post, Philly? :)
    And I LOVE your new sigranture! :D

    1. Um, you can post about your writing/drawing or generally whatever you like!


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