Saturday, November 24, 2012

I am a starter, not a finisher

Hello everyone! When you looked at this post's title, you may have thought 'What?! She's the first course in a meal?!' 
Well, don't worry, I don't mean starter in that way. I mean it in this way:
 A person or thing that starts an event, activity, or process, in particular.
 That's exactly what I am. I am in the middle of about five stories, and I haven't finished one yet. But I will, don't worry! (I am also an optimist :b) 
Anyway, I have just made a blog called Cats of The Forest, which is about my story of the same name. CLICK HERE to go to it, and make absolutely sure you comment! (Like with all my blogs, commenting on there will count for the Monthly Giveaway). Hope you like it!

 PS. I now have five followers! Thanks so much, Amelia0308, SleepySasha, MangoShapedSpace, Kinyonga and Eja Courts! :D

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