Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Story Help (Part 2)

Hello! Here is some more story help, from the depths of my experience. To see Part 1 see post below. 


1.Have a piece of paper or word document for ideas for later on in your story. You can also put a list of all the first and last names you can think of, and maybe place names too. That is always useful. 
2. Quality not quantity. That saying probably annoys you, as it does me, but it's a true one. It doesn't matter how long your story is. You can have it from three to one thousand pages! If you want to write a chapter story, then one hundred to three hundred pages is good, give or take a few. You can also put several stories in one book. You could have loads and loads of short stories in one, or three or so novelettes. 
3. You can write fiction or non-fiction. This is just my opinion, but I find non-fiction (novels, made up) more interesting. But autobiographies (about you/your life) and biographies (about someone else/their life) are also very interesting. 
4. If you are writing a novel, choose whose point of view you are writing it from. You can write it from the author (you)'s point of view, as in putting "It was a bright sunny day and Mary Jordan was cooking" or from the character (in this case, Mary)'s point of view, by writing "It was a bright sunny day and I was cooking". Or from another character's point of view as in "It was a bright sunny day and I was watching Mary Jordan cook". You can write a "diary" by having the main character's entries, with their opinions, etc.  
4. Discuss it. Talk with your friends, family, etc. Why not even write a letter to a published author asking them for advice? If you do that, then choose one who is writing/has written about the same sort of thing as you. 

Ok, hope that was helpful! Thanks for reading, and have a great day!


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