Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Story Help

Hello readers! Are you a writer? Do you want to be? Need some ideas? Well, here are some anyway. Some of them are more like tips than ideas, but who cares! They are all from my own experience. 
1. Decide what sort of story you want to write. There are many different types. You could write a like-life story about people, at school or home, or a detective one. Or one about witches, or one about animals, or one about animals and magic, one about other worlds, one about mythical creatures... 
2. You may be inspired by someone else's work, but don't copy. For instance, a school for witches is a nice idea. I am writing a story which involves one myself. But you must make everything up for yourself. For instance the name, the names of the school subjects, the houses, the spells... Or you might want to write a story about a clan of animals. That is very popular I find. But you must make things up for yourself. The type of animal - lots of people choose wolves. Remember to call the group a Pack. But you could do horses. A herd. Or foxes, lions, or even underwater animals such as dolphins or sharks. (Pods, the groups are). 
3. Don't make your characters too similar, choose lots of different personalities, and don't give up. You may get a time when you feel you want to, talk about it with someone else, and work through it. You may want to rewrite it, but never give up! It's all yours! 

Hope that helped, and thanks for reading!


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