Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Header :)

'Ello again! :b

Just to say I have a new header, which is something which would probably have struck you if you are looking at this blog, rather than viewing the posts from your dashboard. >(^._.^)<
I will be improving it, trying to remove the line on the side and the blue fillings for the image credit. I can only do this tomorrow due to the lateness tonight, but I thought it wouldn't be proper to keep up the Christmassy blog look after Twelfth Night...not that it was that Christmassy a design but you know. XD

If you didn't know, Twelfth Night is tonight, and is the last night of Christmas for most types of Christian. Tomorrow, it is Wise Men's Day or something like that, when in France you eat a galette des rois, a sort of pastry thing with a little figure inside (usually either of Mother Mary, one of the Wise Men, or something random), and the person who gets the figure gets a paper crown and so on. ;) It's fun. My sister, Kinyonga, always gets the figure, though! NOT FAIR! :b

 HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can't believe that 2013 was last year and that 2012 is two years ago. Amazing! 



  1. I like the header.
    And I've sadly never eaten, nor heard of, a galette des rois. :3

    1. I've had a galette, it's kind of like a pie but the crust is more wrapped around the filling :3

  2. who won pet contest thingy


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