Saturday, October 5, 2013

Why Black Cats are Considered Witch Cats

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Anyway, today I decided I'd post about black cats. 

I have three black cats, one very dark brown cat, and one black-and-white cat. In stories, black cats are often the companions of witches. But...why?

In Medieval Times, when people really believed in witches, this association sprang up, because of the way a black cat would suddenly appear from the shadows, hinting that they might have magical powers. Any cat may have found shelter with an old woman living alone, and she would welcome the company of the cat. In addition, black was considered an evil colour. 

Although it's fun to read about witches with black cats in stories,  black cats are just as friendly and playful as any other cat.

They do look rather mysterious, though, don't they?

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  1. The second picture isn't that mysterious :3
    Cute, though. :D

    1. That photo was to illustrate the sentence "as friendly and playful as any other cat" :3

  2. A stray black cat used to wander around my neighborhood ^_^

  3. That looks just like my cat! My mom came in and saw it, and she was like, "Is that Bear Bear? :3"

  4. I love black cats. And also Blue Russian cats. :3
    I love all cats, actually.

  5. I like cats, but I can´t have one because both my parents are alergic to them. XD
    There is a cute stray cat who is always roaming around my street.

  6. Cats are cute, but I am slightly allergic, my sister is allergic and my mom is allergic so... yeah.

  7. I have a funny story, that involves a black cat (kinda)
    So we are walking to the store and a black FERRET ran in front of us! I started joking that we were going to have bad luck because it reminded me of black cats XD

  8. I found a black cat a few days ago :3

  9. Posts with cats get many comments.

  10. 11 comments, at first!
    Now... erm... 13?

  11. How dare people think that black cats are evil?! >.<

  12. Black cats with white on their tummies remind me of Oreos. :)


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