Friday, September 20, 2013

My Bucket List

I don't think this has changed, but I feel like redoing it anyway.... A bucket list is a list of things you want to do or achieve in your life, by the way. Kind of like your life goals. 

These are not in any particular order. 
  1. Meet my pen-friend, FrostWolf, and her sister, Amelia0308. Also their real-life friend, Leafa.
  2. Meet some other awesome friends who I made contact with on the Internet. (MangoShapedSpace and QuinnTheCat/vms915, I have you in mind!)
  3. Get a story with my own illustrations published. 
  4. Get married and have children. This is so important to me...I think about it a lot. 
  5. Get horses! <3 li="">
  6. Assuming no.3 comes true, have a positive quote by a really nice author on the back of one of my books. 
  7. Get a gypsy caravan. 
  8. Be a hermit, three times, each for a couple of months: once on at a Buddhist monastery, the second time in a cave in the hills near my grandfather's house, and the third time on a Scandinavian island. 
  9. Illustrate somebody else's book. 
  10. Design the cover for somebody else's book. 
  11. Assuming I achieved no.3, receive a letter from somebody who has read my book and likes it. 
  12. Get a tortoiseshell cat and name her Spice. 
  13. Make a blog (when I'm grown-up, of course) about how to be a good parent.
  14. Once again assuming no.3 comes true, get an award on one of my books. 
  15. Have the name of one of my books in somebody's "Favourite Books" list on their Blogger Profile. (Not counting people I know well and are probably just doing it out of loyalty.)
  16. Create things which will become family heirlooms. 
  17. Live to a hundred and receive a letter from the Monarch. 

What about you? :3


  1. 1. Pulsing a novel
    2. Get a novel to be a best seller
    3. Live in a small cottage next to my friend's dog farm. (Long story. My friend wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up so she and I were fantasizing and we said she's have a large house with a barn and she'd take in strays and such, and I would live in a cottage and sit and write all day XD)

  2. I meant publish, up there ^^

    and regarding that I won your riddle contest, you also one my naming-of-CS-dog contest, so we should set up a time and I can trade your prizes for the sweet walls ^_^

  3. Hmm
    1. Own lots of land
    2. Become famous for good things
    3. Get married
    4. Have kids

    That's all I can think of right now..

  4. 1. Be an author
    2. Own lots of pets!
    3. Become famous, like J.K. Rowling
    4. Sing a lot. :3
    5. Bake cookies every day! XD

  5. Oddest bucket list in the history of odd bucket lists. :)


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