Monday, October 21, 2013

Pressing Autumn Leaves

Hello! SilverDawn here with another post for you to read and then comment on! XD

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Going on to what this post is about, I'm sure you've heard of pressing flowers - putting flowers in a flower press for a little while so they go dry and are preserved. But there aren't many flowers at this time of year, so why don't you press autumn leaves? I'm sure you can find lots of very interesting ones. 

You don't need a flower press, either; all you need is four heavy books and some paper. Get your leaves, put them side-by-side but not too near each other on a sheet of ordinary paper, and put another sheet of equally ordinary paper on top. Then, carefully place the paper-and-leaf sandwich on a shelf, then put the books on top. Autumn leaves don't need as much time to press as flowers do; after two days they should be done!

Another option for pressing is putting the paper-and-leaf sandwich under a rug or mat on the floor and letting everyone walk over it for a day. Then, take your paper-and-leaf sandwich out, and put the rug back in place. 

Once you have pressed leaves, you can use them for all sorts of things. You can glue them on paper and frame them, or put them in an album, or glue them on thick paper to make seasonal cards to send to your friends and extended family. 

Happy leaf pressing! :) Please send in photos of your pressed leaves and what you make out of them to and I'll post them on the Readers' Creations page.
 If you want to think philosophically about autumn leaves, click here to read something I wrote on them!


  1. Pretty! I've made these before.

  2. I might send in some pictures in a week or so ;)

  3. I like fall, but it's like everyone just cares about how pretty and all that it is

  4. Some trees in my neighborhood are so PRETTY RIGHT NOW!! Maybe I'll take some pictures..

  5. I am SO in the homework mood right now.. I'm gonna go do some (it's a rare mood for me so I gotta get as much done as I can while it lasts :p)

  6. First comment. I love the leaf idea, gonna try it now. :D

    1. I've pressed leaves before.
      It is so fun! ^.^

  7. I had pressed flower stickers once- but I didn't make them myself XP

  8. Oh wow! Nice Silverdawn!


  9. I have dried some red Maple tree leaves! They're beautiful! Some even look like sunsets! They are fading orange and red. :)


  10. Cool! I usually do flowers but leaves can be great too :D


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