Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Bucket List

Hello fluffits! ^.^

A few weeks ago, I was talking about bucket lists with my sister, and Amelia0308 and vms915's posts on bucket lists encouraged me to post mine! :)

Well, for starters, why is it called a bucket list? What's it got to do with a bucket? Oh, and if you didn't know what a bucket list is, it's basically a list of stuff you want to have done or achieved when you die. XD Cheerful, aren't I? Here's mine. 

1. To get married and have children.
2. To finish and publish my stories. 
3. To draw something I'm really proud of. 
4. To go to Norway.
5. To learn Danish. 
6. To see a polar fox.
7. TO GET A HORSE!!! That's my heart's desire. 
8. To perform an equestrian act in a circus. 
 9. To meet my pen-friend and her family. 

They're mine! X3 What about you? ^.^ 


  1. My best friend and I are writing a book full of bucket list ideas!

  2. 1. Meet some awesome people from blogging in real life!
    2. Be on Jeopardy!
    3. Publish a book
    4. Get one of my blogs to 15,000 pageviews and/or 30 followers!

    That is kind of my bucket list for before I'm 18...I haven't thought much past that! :3

  3. 1. Go to Australia.
    2. Smash an egg on the floor.
    3. Squeeze empty a tube of toothpoaste.
    4. Be on a real soccer team.
    5. Get a million pageviews on my blog.

    Some are weird, I know XD. Its for before I die, and I am sure I can do them all :D
    Supposely, Spanish people live 82,3 years so I think I hav time left.

    1. @Aubrey - cool!

      @vms - I know :3 nice! :D

      @Chunky - Teehee! XD I'm sure you'll achieve those things. :) I'm going to live to 100! XD Although that's not really for me to decide. ;)

      @Springclaw - Nice! ;)

  4. 1. Learn to speak with an American accent
    2. Go to America in general
    3. Publish a book (working on a blog book now)
    4. Go to Italy again with my friends from school
    5. To invent a way for me not to have to scoop the horse poop in my backyard. ( I live in an Equestrian neighborhood, ironically named Equus.

  5. 1. meet my best friend, face to face. (She lives in Australia :D)
    2. Not just publish a book, but actually finish one!
    3. Complete my book collection (meaning I own all the books I like and my bookshelf is full!)

  6. 1: Go to Machu Pichu
    2: Hike the Inca Trail
    3: Explore Africa (Esp. Egypt, Kenya and South Africa)
    4: Get one of my travel photographs published in National Geographic Magazine
    5: Explore Petra in Jordan (Indiana Jones says the Holy Grail is there...)

    1. 0_0 what do you mean? Like, do ya wanna proove that humans are not evoluted from monkeys?

  7. If humans were evolved from apes then why are there still apes on earth. God created adam and eve, then we descended from them. Stupid athiest will sadly go to hell. ---frosty731--

    1. Thank you for your comment! :)
      I believe everyone should follow the path where they are led.
      I'm sure there's lots of truth in what you're saying, but we cannot descend from Adam and Eve as they had two sons and no daughters, so the line of humans would just have stopped.


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