Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Drawing Contest Results...

The winner is...

...Out of the two entries...

...The one...

...And only...

...The Magnificent...

Congratulations!  :D 

This is vms' drawing! ^.^

Nice job! :D Well done! ^.^

Here's what you get!
I'll send you the prizes, vms! :3

And, in second place, Foressa Eveleen recieves...
Are you on Animal Jam, Foressa Eveleen? And if so, what is your username? ^.^

Keep entering my contests, everyone! :D :D


  1. Congrats, Vms! :D
    And you too, F.E!

  2. I'm ejaecourts
    Also good job!
    Thanks for letting me in second!

  3. Vms drawing isn't showing up it might just be my computer

    1. @Vms - You're welcome! It really was great, though. :D

      @Foressa Eveleen - OK! :) And well done! :D About Vms' drawing, it isn't showing up on mine either...I'll have to try and fix that. ;)

  4. Good luck fixing it, and thank you!

  5. I'm on animal jam and didn't get the prize yet ( sorry if I'm rushing you )

  6. I didn't know you were having a contest D:

  7. Congrats, you two!
    SilverDawn, the reason I haven't been entering the contests is because I don't do Animal Jam, so I see no point in winning the prizes. :b But perhaps you could always give the next person my prizes? Like if I got second, give them to whoever got in 3rd? That would be good. :)

  8. I haven't gotten my prize and its been two months you don't have to post this

    1. WHAAAT?!! That is weird... O.O
      Actually, you do know that it would be Kinyonga who was sending them to you? Did she?

    2. I know I didn't get anything yet, well she might have today, but I can't get on, otherwise she didn't. It's okay though. :)


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