Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Meep :)

Hello everyone! :D

What have you been doing? 

Did you miss me this past week?

Is there anyone there?

Oh well. 

I've updated these pages recently if you want to check them out!

I have also made a drawing blog:

And decided my wisdom blog isn't getting enough views:

That's enough links for now ;)

Now for something AWESOME! >:D

Having visitors and want the ultimate way to entertain and impress them? Or just want to make your friends think you've got supernatural powers? Read on!

Black Magic

The trick of this magic trick is in the name. "Black" Magic. It works like this:

You, the Magician of Awesomeness, leave the room once you've told the others to agree on an object in the room while you're out, and when you go back in you're to prove your supernatural powers by knowing which it is. 
Then, once they've decided (they may have to yell for you if you've gone back on the computer), you go back in. Now, this is where your assistant comes in. I know, I know, what assistant? Well, there has to be one person in the room who you've told the trick too. The rest of the people don't know that your assistant is your assistant. Anyway, your assistant goes through all the objects in the room, and the one after a black one  is the one. Example:
"Chair, cushion, table, vase, chest of drawers, kettle, hat, glove, DVD player..."
Assuming that the kettle is black, then the hat is the answer. 

Good luck amazing and bewildering your audience! ;D

Thanks for reading! :3

PS. Like my Easter siggy? :3
PPS. We just need 80 more views and we'll have reached 3000! Keep viewing!! :D
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