Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Contest Results... of Doom

Hello! I'm here to...


...The Contest...


...Of Doom!

??? The Name Game ???

Kinyonga, the one, the only, is the winner of this! :D (Considering no one else entered... D:)

Here are the answers:

1. What does the name "Katherine" mean? - Pure

2. What is the origin of the name "Oscar"? - Britain

3. What is the commonest surname in the UK? - Smith

4. What does the name "Sheena" mean? - God's grace

5. What did the surname "Channer" derive from? - blankets

6. What is the most common first name in the UK? - Harry

7. What does the name "Philly" mean? - horse-lover >:D


This contest has been going for over two months, so I had some hope that more than two people would enter :( Here are the answers:

1. How many real-life pets do I have, what are they and what are their names? - I have four cats - Paws, Samy, Humbug/Bumbleberry and Treacle!

2. What's a coot? - a black water-bird with a white beak.

3. What's this? Please be precise. As usual, photo off Google.  - Polar fox kit.

4. True or false - grey wolves can breed with domestic dogs. - True. 

5. What family are badgers part of? - Mustelidae. 

 6. True or false - hyenas are canids. - False. They are Felids. 

7. In the order of aristocracy, what comes after Duke? - Marquis.

8. How many countries are there in Africa? (I don't expect you to know off the top of your head, look in a book!) - 57. 

9. What's the other name for a moose? - an elk.

10. What's this? Please be precise. - a male common newt.

And what's this? Please be precise.  - a tree frog!

And the winner is...


Well done! :D

♑ Easter Banner Contest 

Now, the results you have been waiting for! The Easter Banner Contest! The winner is, once again, Kinyonga! It really seems to be her lucky day :) To see her banner, just lookies at the blogsies! :b

Other Contests

The other contests are open for another month, so you'd better enter! :D I'll have a drawing contest too :)

Have a wonderful day! ^.^

Philly Woodlands


  1. Haha I remember seeing in my Bible that the name Phillip meant horse lover. Now I can see why you choose that. XD But anyways good job Kinyonga. I can kinda get caught up into things and don't always comment a lot on blogger.


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