Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Drawings GALORE! And more ^.^

Hello fluffits! :D Philly here with her usual Wednesday post ^.^ 

Spring Has COME to The Diary of a Writer and Artist!

Hence the new blog look :) Snowdrops, England's first flowering bulb, and a sign that spring is just around the corner! :D Do you like the header? ;) But, don't be fooled! The Easter Banner Contest is still open, and the winner will be announced on the 14th of March! 
My Recent Drawings

A cat...
 Two more cats...

Another cat! :D

A moose...

A doe!

A horse rearing!
 And my cat, Humbug!

What do you think??? :D

New Readers' Drawings have Been Added

Make sure you nip over to the Readers' Drawings page!

 New Page Coming Soon

That's right! I'll be making a new page today! :D Look out for "Random Jokes and Funniness"! I'll edit this post when it's added :)

 So long, until next week! ^.^ 



  1. I love your kitteh drawings!!!!!

    I also love your new header!

  2. Your drawing is really improving, Philly!! :)

  3. :( I have MCAS on March 15th...


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