Thursday, November 29, 2012

Long Time No Moonland Adventure

Meeeeeeeeeeep! That's true, I haven't had a Moonland Adventure for ages! But before I continue this post, I must confess that I nicked the post title from Kit Kat, except Kit Kat did it "Long Time No Post"... lol!
Gasp! Kinyonga has turned the weather upside down! 0.0
 On Monday's it's night all day...
On Tuesday it's rainy... (Yay! Tuesdays are now officially Philly's days! :b)
 On Wednesdays it's snowy...
On  Thursdays it's always around 5.00 pm... (Making it sunset...)
 On Friday it's a good, normal, mix:
Mostly Sunny
On Saturdays there are tsunamis (Photo off Google):
And on Sunday, it's guess what? Now, let me see... Hmmm, this is difficult... Ah, I've got it! Sunny of course! Pic off Google
Boiling hot. It practically transforms everything into a desert...

So... what are we going to do about it? 

Note: Philly (viz, me) is a very rubbish chameleon-artist, especially using mouse only...
Oh really, Kinyonga? We shall see about that.

Let's go to see the Weather Weavers! Just follow the blue brick road! 
Pic off Google.
 That's right, this time we have a break from the Wizard of Oz, and have a blue brick road! How un-origanal! 
 Another change! A deer Weather Weaver! Oh well, it's better than nothing. What? In fact, it's better than a human Weather Weaver! Way better! 

Pic off Google.
And now, with a bit of magic, we are back to normal! So you didn't win Kinyonga! Oh no!

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  1. That's all YOU know! I - the one and only amazing Kinyonga - will triumph! Just you wait and see... Mwaahahahaha!



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