Graphic Design

Hello and welcome to the new Graphic Design page! I can design graphics.

And by that, what exactly do I mean? I mean that I can make the following things for you:

  • Header banners
  • Signature banners
  • Other banners
  • Book-cover designs
  • Entire blogs
  • Pixel profile pictures
  • Ordinary profile pictures
I can do animations!

Most things are free, but for some things I charge a price of a virtual item. Here is more detail! :)

Header Banners

Do you need a header for your blog? I can make you one! :D I can make them just pictures with text, or pictures with text with glow around it, or even pictures with text and manipulated images stuck on. I'll show you some examples! :)

The first option - just a picture with text.

Second option - picture with text with glow/mist effect.

If you're wondering, the banner above was made before the change of my pen-name.

Third option - with a manipulated image stuck on. 
If you're wondering, the banner above was made before the change of my pen-name.

OK, I manipulate the images much better now. That is just an example of one I did last year :b It will be the same theory, just better done.

I make the first two options for free, and I charge the virtual Howrse item of a turnip (my username is Rainydawn) for the third option. Here is the ordering form, just copy it into a comment and put what you want. :)

Base Picture or Theme:
Text Fonts and Colours:
Effect (optional):

If you have a specific picture you want me to use, include the URL. :)

Signature Banners

Are you looking for a banner to sign your posts with? I can make you one!

There are three options.

A picture with words.

A picture with words and glow/mist effect.

Yours could have a background image, of course. This was just a quick example. 

Or an animated signature like this one. 


If you click that image it takes you to the website which is used to design them with, but yours won't do that.

All signatures are free!

Here is the ordering form, just copy it into a comment and put what you want. :)

Base Picture or Theme:
Text Fonts and Colours:
Effect (optional):

Other Banners

I can make any sort of banner by the same theory! Again, here is the ordering form.

Base Picture or Theme:
Text Fonts and Colours:
Effect (optional):


Book-Cover Designs

I know a lot of my friends are, like me, writing stories. Have you finished one which you are going to get bound and printed? Or do you just want to get a cover design because it's nice imagining when it will be bound and printed (I feel like that all the time)? Well, I can design you one!

I can either computer-draw you a picture and put the text on that - or, as I more often do, draw a picture to go in a circle or square in the middle.

That sort of thing. ;) For a book cover design (and that means drawing as well) I charge three Howrse turnips. Here is the ordering form!

Story Name:
Author Name:
Picture Theme:

Blog Designs

Is there an entire blog which you want to give a makeover? Would you like me to do it for you? Designing a blog includes choosing colours, fonts, templates, backgrounds, etc., for your blog, as well as making a matching header and signature. Here are the steps:

  • Go on Howrse, and send Rainydawn (me) a made-to-measure saddle as the payment.
  • Send me an email ( with your request. 
  • I will make a design on my test blog, and then ask you if it's what you want.
  • If it is, you will have to make me an administrator on your blog.
  • Then I will apply the design to your blogs. 
I promise that I will never do anything besides designing your blog while I am an administrator. If I do, then you can get the law on me. 

Note: I can only do this for blogspot/blogger blogs. 

Pixel Profile Picturs

A pixel profile picture is a profile picture drawn pixel by pixel, giving it a special look. I can do them for you, for the price of a Howrse aging point, an uncommon Chicken Smoothie pet (Howrse username: Rainydawn, CS username: Polar Foxy). Here is an example!

I can also make animated ones, if you like, but animated ones don't stay animated when used on Blogger, although they're great for other websites.

Ordinary Profile Pictures

Just a simple profile picture, with words, or an effect! Profile pics are free!

Finished Orders

Here are the finished orders! Once you've ordered, you'll find your order here!

Header for Erika Ludwick
I hope you like it! :)

Header for Amy Jiao

I made two versions - you see, I learnt how to do animated sparkles, but when I do, it has the Blingee logo on it, so I don't know which one you want to use. It's up to you! :)

Header for Amy Jiao

Signature for MangoShapedSpace!

Header for Avvy G
I hope it's what you wanted!

Here you are, pupp1266!
I hope you like it! :)

I made two for xxtigerforeverxx, and she can choose which she wants to use.

Thank you for reading, and order today! ^.^


  1. Base Picture or Theme: A snow leopard
    Text: Amy Jiao Press & Jamaasian Lore Education
    Text Fonts and Colours: Walter Turncoat
    Effect (optional): Animated Sparkles

    1. I'm sorry, but I cannot do animated sparkles.
      Shall I do it without?

    2. I'm afraid not. :( I can't do animations at all.

    3. Oh well. No animations then.

  2. Base Picture or Theme:


    The Daily A-Jam
    Summer edition
    By Wolfgirlgo

    Text Font and Colors: The Daily A-Jam: Normal big font, blue. Summer edition: More fancy, red. By Wolfgirlgo: Cursive, pink.

    Effect: None

    1. OK! :) Thank you for ordering! I'll make it now ^.^

      OK, it's done! :D

  3. Just a teeny request :)

    pic URL:

    Words: Who I Really Am

    By Avvy G

    BTW this is a header for my blog :)

    Animation: Maybe falling leaves or something would be wonderful, something nice and nature... eey.. XD

    1. I'm sorry, but the picture is too small. If I stretched it, it would go blurry. Would you like me to use another similar picture and add the quote onto that one?
      Also, sorry again - but the only animation I can do is snowflakes/sparkles. Sorry.

    2. That's ok! Sure, do whatever to make it work. I just want a little something, that's all :)

      Do you like the picture anyway? :D

    3. We all like it!
      I'm kidding.. i didn't look at it.

  4. Base Picture or Theme: snowflakes
    Text: MangoShapedSpace
    Text Fonts and Colours: light green and blue
    Effect (optional): light blue glow

    Thanks! :)

  5. Base Picture or Theme: Sparkles (no background; just text)
    Text: RainbowRider
    Text Fonts and Colours: Something bold that stands out; neon green
    Effect: The sparkles are blinking (duh lol) and the sparkles make up the word (if you can do that)

  6. OH, and I want mine kind of the same size as the volcano one

    1. I'm sorry, but the thing I used for sparkles isn't working. Will the one I've posted on here work for you?

  7. Can you do a signature
    Name: Melodia
    Animation: Sparkles
    Color: Violet
    Background: None

  8. P.S. Check out my blog:

    I'm Mimi26392, just another account of mine! Thanks!!!

  9. Wow, you're really good at graphic designing! :)

  10. Base Picture or Theme: Something.. snowy.. I guess
    Text: pupp1266
    Text Fonts and Colours: Black/Light Blue font, I don't care as long as it's readable
    Effect (optional): Could you put like snow falling?


  11. I was wondering if you could make me a signature banner please? ^.^
    Here is my order form:

    Base picture/theme: Could it be a somewhat wintry/mystical setting somewhere in the forest? (You know, the snow, ice, natural effects.)
    Text: xxtigerforeverxx
    Text fonts/colors: I would like the font to be something bold that stands out, and I would like it to be black. (Assuming that the wintry background will be white.)
    Effects: Could you possibly do falling snow somewhat like you did pupp1266's? (I really liked the one you made for her!)

    Thanks! :3

  12. They're both perfect, thanks! :D


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