Sunday, November 24, 2013

Making Christmas Presents

Hello! ^.^

Sorry I haven't posted in ages. I've been getting braces (DX) and visiting friends and family. 

Today, I'm posting on making Christmas presents. Those of you who don't celebrate Christmas can use this for other events. 

Most years, do you buy things for your friends and family's Christmas presents? Well, if so, this year, you can make them something instead! It's much more special, especially for a relative, to receive something you've made - and you can save your money. 

So, this is my idea: for every ten pence you would normally have spent on Christmas presents, you give one penny to charity. You can choose which charity, such as a charity for helping wildlife, or one for helping homeless children, or one for preventing animal abuse. The choice is yours!

I'll be posting some ideas on what you can make in the next few posts. 



  1. I usually buy everyone a gift, then make everyone a gift too :D I have like $30 to spend so not much

  2. That idea's good and i have an idea an advent caledar which gives gifts
    step 1 take a paper
    step 2 draw holiday windows on it ( each saying 1- 25) like first window - 1dec 2nd window 2nd dec
    step 3 stick it to the front door
    step four starting december 1
    sep 5 stick three toffees or as much u want every day remove the leftovers the next day. on 25 dec stick a candy bar to it i will email u the format
    in ms paint


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