Friday, November 1, 2013

Commenting Contest Results!

So, the moment you have all been waiting for! XD

The prize of a red worn blanket Animal Jam item goes to...


With their amazing total of...


No, I did not do a typo! I'm serious! 844! Well done, Edwingrim2! HIP-PIP-HIP-PIP-HIP-HURRAY! My sister, Kinyonga, will send you your prize, so don't be surprised if it comes from her!

~Dawn Woodlands~
(New signature coming soon!)


  1. The Discussion in Comments page always says:
    Ooops, it looks like you've fallen into a ravine. Simply click Home below to return to base.

  2. Congrats ;) I knew I wouldn't win XD

    1. Really? How close? (I"m not angry.. just really wondering :P)

    2. Thanks, pupp.
      I wish that there were two first places. :(

  3. How many did i have?



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