Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Hello, children. Are you sitting comfortably? ;b XD

I just love etymology! It is so fun! (Etymology is the study of the origin of words; photo meaning light and graph meaning design, for instance.) 

It is so fun to think about how tele means far off, and it goes at the beginning of television (far off vision), telephone (far off sound), teleport (carry far off), telepathy (think far off), and so on! Transport: carry through. Etymology: study of true sense (of a word). 

It's so fun to work out what words mean! Did you know that graphic design means "design design"? ;)


  1. Interesting..
    Did you know .... I got nothing XP

  2. I do etymology!
    Wonder what the etymology of etymology is?

  3. .... and what was the first word ever spoken by human being?

  4. Come to think of it, what is the etymology of 'human beings?'

  5. Confusing. XD
    Hey, they should make a confused emoticon, like: ?-?


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