Sunday, July 21, 2013

Premade Profile Pictures!

Help yourselves! You can use them on Blogger, or on other websites, and you need not give credit! Although I say that you need not give credit, you must respect the fact that I made them and the photo is from Google Images. 

Shamrock Tiger
Made by: Dawn Woodlands
Original photography from: Google Images

Alien Caterpillar from Long Ago
Made by: Dawn Woodlands
Original photography from: Fauna Woodlands (Kinyonga)

More soon! :D


  1. No comments again!? This is an outrage!!

  2. Great pictures. :3
    I like Alien Caterpillar from Long Ago.

  3. Also, nice shamrock tiger! It would make a great St. Patrick's Day signature!

  4. And nice signature...
    Mine is kind of... eh...


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