Friday, June 28, 2013


Kinyonga here, just because of some seriously insane person (no offence to those NICE insane people) who has commented a whole lot of swear words and been extremely offensive to my sister.
They said if we publish the comment, they would say who they were.
So we published it.
But what do you bet will happen?
Of course, they will be too cowardly to say who they are. And if they DO mention a name, it probably won't be them. They'll probably just be pretending that it was someone else, if you see what I mean.
Oh, wait. They said they have their picture on there...
There is only one person it COULD be, and I seriously doubt it is them.
 So...I'll leave it for now...



  1. Some people are just like that...they have to go and mess things up, do bad things, just because they can...

    1. I agree! >.<
      Those people should have better things to do...

  2. =.=
    I hate those kind of people who just try to screw everything up so that others can't enjoy it themselves.

  3. Why would you fall for that...?

    I am admin of this blog... mwahahaha

  4. Haha! You signed off as, Kinyongo. Sorry, that just occured to me and made me laugh.

    Anyways, that stinks that someone is being mean to you! That happened on my blog for a loonnnggg time... then they finally just left.


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