Sunday, May 26, 2013

Poem and Drawings

Hello! :D 

Here are the drawings I said I would post! :3

A cat.

A stag. 

A wildsow and her piglet. 

Do you like them? Do you think my drawing has improved at all since last time? :)

And now, here's a poem I wrote! :D

Summer Fun
By Dawn Woodlands

Running through the sand,
A toy boat in your hand,
Set it in the water, and watch the waves push it back to land!

Dig a deep hole,
Turn over on your back in a roll,
Pretending to be a water-vole!

While you enjoy yourself, grown-ups lie,
Sunbathing under the blue, blue sky,
I wonder why.

Time for a swim!
To keep afloat you must use every limb,
Oh, there’s a fish – try to swim like him!

What do you think? ^.^ I entered it to Fauna's poem contest! Click here to enter!

Oh, and I've made the Dawn's Drawings and Dawn's Writing pages into one page called Dawn's Creations to save on page space. :) I've also changed the Readers' Drawings page to Readers' Creations. 


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