Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Goals For 2013

Meep! :3 So many friends have been making goals for 2013, so I thought I would too. Most of them aren't to do with blogging, but I thought you might like to see them anyway ^.^

By 2014 I want to have...

1. Found a publisher who will publish my story, Fern's Quest

2. Finished the first Greenwoods story I'm writing.

3. Reached 1000 comments, 4000 views and 25 followers on this blog.

They're the main ones! I can't think of any others to tell you the truth ^.^ I'm  not a very goal-y person :b


  1. Mine are...
    1. Get a BRILLIANT camera
    2. Win NG Kids photo competition...not that I can even enter after this year :(
    3. Have 100,000 views on my blog and 100 followers.

    More asap

  2. •Finish my books, Vampirae's Curse and The Possession

    I'm writing the possession on this writing site WattPad! You should get one! It's awesome! You can write books and read books :) if you get one, ill tell you mine through email because it is my real name.


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