Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hello! :D

I am writing this from my granny's house in London, which I'm sure you know is the capital of England. I am not going to attempt to comment on any of my friends' blogs today, as my granny's computer...erm, doesn't work very well. Actually, it's not her computer. It's fine. It's her Internet connection, and Mozilla Firefox (the browser it uses). 
I did attempt to comment on A Haven for Writers, but *gulp* I had to spend half an hour trying to fix the computer. >.<

Anyway, my granny's house is pleasantly situated on the edge of a common, where there is a pond (some people call it a lake; it depends on your opinion) where ducks swim. We like to go for walks there, and sometimes cross the common to go to the book shop. 

I don't in general like cities very much. Or towns either, for that matter. I'm a thorough country-girl. But I think, on the whole, London is nice for a city. At least the part we're in, near the common. 

Yay! I succeeded in posting! Now I just hjave to click "Publish"...*gulp*.

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