Saturday, March 30, 2013

Meep :)

Hello fluffits! :)

So, it's not Wednesday, it's not a birthday, so...?

Lent has ended of course! ;) I think I did my Lent thing OK, although I did go on Chicken Smoothie and Howrse a few times when I wasn't supposed too... >.<

By the way, I quit Chicken Smoothie and joined Howrse. I mainly quit CS because some people were being mean to me... Not that mean of course, but I have stupidly sensitive feelings. >.< I almost cried once just because my best friend said "Shhhh!" to me. Well, anyway, shall we get on with the post? :b

By the way (again? :b) I deleted my Warriors fanfiction blog. I won't delete what I've got of the story, but I won't be writing it any more. ;) I've got stories of my own which I need to focus on .^.^ And besides, my parents don't approve of Warriors so I felt sort of guilty writing that fanfiction. But please don't steal my ideas for WBTTF. I may use the plots for another of my stories, as I rather like them. :3

Changing the subject, here's a drawing I did of Treacle yesterday ^.^

I won't be able to do a long post today, as my granddad's coming over today and we have to get the house ready, and as if that wasn't enough we've just had a new sea-grass floor put in the guestroom and we have to put all the furniture back in there >.< You can guess we've got a lot to do :b

By the way, we decided which name belongs to which of Paws's kittens. The two who survived are called Mouche and Clover, and the one who didn't make it is called Chanson, which is French for "song".  

Have a nice day! :D

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