Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Last (I think) Wednesday of Lent

Hello fluffits! :3

So it's almost Easter! ^.^ Isn't that exciting? :3

Sorry my post is a bit later than usual... I've got nausea, you see. I'll probably be better this evening ;) 

Anyway, I would like a few of my viewers to look at the Random Jokes and Funniness page. I've added quite a lot to it, and it's really quite funny! XD

Also, I now have a recipe blog! Anyone can become a contributor to it! :3 

I also have a cat care blog, which some of the cat-owners who look at this blog (which I know there are at least 3 of) might like to look at! :)

Anyway, enough links.

Oh, I don't know what to post... I think I've just got author's blank. Hope nobody minds :3

Maybe one of my contributors could post today? :)

PS. I'll make a contest now :)

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