Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fern's Quest Contest Results

Here are the answers for the Fern's Quest contest!

1. What is the name of the main character? - Fern!

2. What would the badgers (who heal for the foxes) use to cure snake bite? - decoct of juniper fibre

 3. What is Hawkeye to Fern?  - B. Second cousin and friend

4. Where does Fox Tale take place? - A. A subarctic forest

5.  What genus of fox are the foxes in Rainstorm, Flame, Whirlwind and Fang Skulks? - Vulpes. 

6. What exactly is a skulk? - a group, or pack, of foxes. 

7. What is a male fox called? - A reynard. 

8. What is a Spirit Fox? - a shaman fox who can communicate with the Spirits. 

9. Fern is a mix of which two sorts of Vulpes fox? -  B. Polar and red. 

10. Which person suggested the name and appearance of Hawkeye? - C. Sasha Blythe. 

 11. Where does Fern journey to on the Quest? - A. Mt. Head-In-The-Clouds. 

So here are the results!

Echid - 8/11
Amy - 9/11
Sasha - 9/11

So the winner is...

...Or more like, the winners are...

Sleepysasha and Amelia0308!!!

Well done, you two! I'll give you your prizes when we're next both on AJ! I'll do the results for the quiz contest when I have time!

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