Friday, January 18, 2013

Hello! Sasha posting! ;P

I have a new blog, were you can learn TONS and TONS about me! More photos and such!
Click the picture to go there! :D 
Be sure to turn up your volume on your computer, I have some music there! ;P One Direction: Heart Attack! It's a great song!! ;P

I made the new banner on here, I hope you didn't mind, Philly, that I put it up without asking! :( You can take it off for sure!  

And remember, if you want a banner you can always ask me to make you one! ;P

I hope everyone has a great day! ;P

P.s. I am glad it is snowing Philly! ;P


  1. No, I love the header, Sasha!! And so does Philly ;)


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