Saturday, December 15, 2012

What DO you think?

Hello everyone!

I'm kind of feeling a bit glooped at the moment because although on my drawings page I've had not one negative comment, two people think my drawings need work, according to that poll. Well, I'm glad everyone's saying what they think on that poll, and I wish you to keep doing so. 

What I aren't glad about is that you lot seem to be saying what you really think in a poll, but not in a comment. Come on guys, I want you to be honest. 

If my drawings need work, don't say they're awesome. 

Say what you really think. 

Thank you, and sorry for any false accusations that may be in this post, or anything that offended anyone. 

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  1. I put that they were pretty good!! Because (no offence no offence no offence) I've seen better ones but some of yours are AAMAAAAAZING!!! I could NEVER draw a rabbit reading. I can only draw three things that are only halfway decent: an Animal Jam inspired bunny, an Animal Jam inspired fox, and stick people.

    1. LOL, thank you. And that cat you drew was more than halfway decent :b


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