Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Samy's Adventure

Hello! Most of you know I have a cat called Samy.  Well, she had an adventure which started yesterday and ended this morning at half past noon.  I shall now tell you the story.

Yesterday, my mother, my sister Kinyonga and I were going to the nearest big town to go to some appointments and the shops. But we never got there. What happened was this - our car bumped into the one in front, and the radiator broke. So we had to wait in the car for a long time while Mummy called garages to find one who could tow us somewhere for a price we could afford. Eventually we found one, they towed us back to their garage. It was weird being in a car which was moving without the engine on! Once we had got to the garage we went to the supermarket which was just nearby and then went home in a borrowed car. It was around seven in the evening by this time. As we always do when we have been out a long time, we let Samy outside. When we were about to go to bed, Samy still wasn't back. Kinyonga mentioned that one of the neighbours' Alsatian had been loose that night, and we all went to bed worried, hoping Samy would be back by the morning. But she wasn't.
Kinyonga has just got on the computer and I was sitting next to her when Daddy came in and said that Samy wasn't back. So Kiny and I got dressed and went outside to look for our pussy, before even having our morning cup of tea. (I like tea brewed well, with a good amount but yet not too much milk,  and no sugar). We rattled Samy's bowl, we called
"Saaaaaamy! Sam-Sam! Wheeeeeere aaaaare you?"
But she didn't come. We eventually went back inside. I have to admit I did shed a few tears over the situation. Where had our pussycat got to?
Then a bit later Daddy suggested we go to the neighbour's house to see if Samy was there. The neighbours have a big garden where loads and loads of feral cats live, and they feed them. Samy had been born there, and even though she didn't like it there, it was a possibility she might be there. (They weren't the neighbours with the Alsatian). But, when we had gone out, Kiny suggested we might go up the close a bit to see if Samy was there. So we walked past the house which owned the Alsatian, and, we could see upstairs on a sort of balcony, a small chunky black cat with light green eyes.
"It's Samy!" said I.
So I went over and called to the person who owned the house (she was hanging out the washing) "Ont cherche notre chatte et je quois que je la vois la haut!" which just means "We're looking for our cat and I think I can see her up there".
So the owner of the dog and the house said we could go and get her. But once we were up there, Samy had vanished!
The balcony led into a sort of storage room, and there was an outdoor staircase leading from it to the ground. We had come up the staircase, so we would have seen Samy if she'd gone down it. We hunted around the storage room for ages and ages, and were about to give up when Kinyonga found Samy underneath a chest!
So she picked her up and we headed  back down, very much relieved. And we saw what had kept Samy up there so long. It was the Alsatian. When Samy saw him she growled and was terrified. So we realised that the dog must have chased Samy over there the night before and she had been too scared to come down. But she was now safe at home. 


  1. Wow!!! One time my ct escaped a long way away, and a few bits found JUST her collar. He came home tho!! Plus it's okay about CS :3

    1. Sorry about that my wifi was being slow hen I typed that, I meant Cat not ct, boys not bits and she not he!!


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