Monday, December 10, 2012

 HI! Sasha here! I am going to tell you all how to draw a wolf! I hope you enjoy!! ;P

How to Draw a Wolf 

As you can already probably tell, this isn't going to be as 
easy as drawing stick animals or people, But after you read
 and draw the underlines, step by step,you'll be like "Gosh! This is 
easy as PIE!" You might not think that right now, but, you'll be 
surprised! As long as you follow these detections step by step, you'll
be and artist in no time!

 As you can see, a wolfs head is large, and husky, they aren't like drawing cats or anything else. Their necks are very thick, thicker then any pet dogs necks. 
So, lets start by drawing the basic underlines. 
 Now, the reason I am overloading you with the WHOLE body at one, is because you have to get everything the right size, see, is you star with the head, and do a really good one, then you start on the body, and do really nice detail and all, then, once you are done with that, you notice that the head is WAY TO BIG! Then you have to go back add a new head, that doesn't look as nice as the first. 
I DON'T WHAT YOU TO GET IN A HABIT OF THAT! So, I am overloading you with it all at once. 
You just start out simple! See, all the underlines really are, is practically just circles and curvy lines! That is is! Simple, right? 
So, make you head, then do ANOTHER circle for the neck (because it is so thick, you need a circle for it) then, do a line down the back, and at the tail at the end. 
Now, Lest zoom up on the front legs and see if I can't make it easier for you to get the right shape in your drawing.
I just start out with a circle then add a tip at the elbow, like a tear drop, then draw a line (I didn't draw it, but it should be in there. . .) to the next circle were the paw would bend. I didn't add all of that to the first drawing, because I didn't want to overload you even MORE, so I thought I would do the legs separate for your sake! :)  but I hope you get that little bit, it will be VERY impotent once you are done! The legs stand out a LOT.

Now for the back legs, Not as easy. 

I know this doesn't look like the original drawing, but, all I did was add like three things! 
As you can see, the fatest part of the leg, by the wolfs knee, is you old buddy, THE TEAR DROP! Yup! That is right! My tear Drop technique works for both front legs AND back! Study this picture, and try to do the same on your drawings! Good luck! 
You have just finished the basic underlines! ;)
(If you don't get how to do the head, comment, and I'll make directions!) 

Now, we get to start putting features on our wolves!

Here is one of my FAVORITE parts! You get to put caricter into your amazing drawing! You can make it look as mean, natural, sad, happy, or even goofy as you want!
All you do it simply add green or blue lines over the red ones! Then once you have your wolf how you wan it, erase the red underlines!  This is the easiest part in the whole thing!
Good job! you have just finished the under sketch!  

Now for the part you have all been waiting for! This is when your wolf with pop out of your underlines! 

All you have to do is add black lines and color it in! (if you want too!)
I hope you got a lot out of this! :D


  1. Wow looks awesome!! I don't know if I could do it though :p

    1. I tried doing it, but I can't... it beats me how Sasha is so amazing at drawing ;)

    2. I was born wih more putting-words-on-paper talent than putting-pictures-on-paper talent

    3. Thanks guys! x3


    4. @Mango - Well, whichever's bigger, they're both pretty good if you ask me...
      @Sasha - You're welcome! But it's true.


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