Saturday, December 8, 2012


I see, Philly Wood, you made a banner your self, It's really nice! I like it. Here is the one I made for you! I am SO SO SO SO SOORRRY it took me so long, I feel SO BAD. . . But, Since this one was so late, you do NOT have to pay me for it! It was fun making it! ;P I couldn't find a picture that looked Fall-ish AND Christmas-y! This is the best I could find. I hope you like it! :P 
You are the ONLY reason I have those Scary Bat Wings, Philly. You gave me the first pair of Freedom wings, which I am NEVER TRADING. Thank you again! 
See ya'll! :)


  1. I LOVE YOU, SASHA!!! And I will pay you for it, like it or not. That banner is AMAZING!

    1. I took WAY to long to get it done. Please, You don't have to! :) I'll be glad to make you more as you need them! ;)


    2. It's ok :) And I will pay you, next time we're both on. My AJ items aren't worth much to me anymore, all I use them for is contest prizes :b I'd be happy to pay you anyway. And thanks ;)


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