Friday, November 16, 2012

News on Malty :3 and More!

Hello fuzzies! There's some news on Malty, my cat's kitten, who has recently gone to a new home! It's good news!

1. They're keeping his name as Malty, short for Malteser!
2. We're probably keeping his brother, Humbug, after all!
3. Malty is getting on fine with his new owner's dogs! I even have a photo which his new owner sent!

That's them! Sorry the pic is the wrong way round... Aren't they cute though?? :3

Changing the subject, Sasha Blythe really kindly made me a signature, nice isn't it?

The only two problems is that she got a picture of a wolverine, not a fox, and that it says Filly with an F, when I'm PH now, but still, great work, Sasha! :)

PS. New art on the My Drawings page! Remember to send your art in to!^.^


  1. Umm, that is a fox. A wolverine does NOT look like that. . . ???? How could you think that is a wolverine??

    ~SleepySasha~ ????

    1. Well, Kiny said it was a wolverine. Looking further into the subject, I see that it WASN'T. But it's not a fox. You see, if you put "silver fox" into Google it'll come up with something that ISN'T a fox, because I think there's a species called "silver fox" that aren't actually foxes... Grey foxes aren't real foxes either. If you ask me, it's EXTRAORDINARY how many things are called foxes but aren't. :b


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