Thursday, November 1, 2012


Hello, today is All Saints' Day! Viz, All Hallows Day or Hallowtide! I have a little subject to post on, it's this folklore rhyme thingy:

If ducks do slide at Hallowtide, 
At Christmas they will swim. 
If ducks do swim at Hallowtide, 
At Christmas they will slide. 

In other words: if ponds/pools/lakes are frozen at Hallowtide, at Christmas they won't be, and vice-versa. Go and check one near you! You could be a budding fortuneteller!

Here are some more:

Snow like cotton, 
Soon forgotten. 
Snow like meal, 
It'll snow a great deal. 

Flies do swarm before a storm. (This one worked for me). 

This one worked for me, too. (Candlemas is the 2nd of February).  

If Candlemas Day be fair and bright, 
Winter will have another fight. 
If Candlemas Day bring cloud and rain,
Winter won't come again. 

There's also this one:

If March comes in like a lion, 
It will go out like a lamb. 

And vice-versa. It basically means if March comes in with gales, or droughts, or storms, it will go out with a light, sunny breeze, and vice versa. If my memory counts for anything, that one worked too. There's also this well-known one:

Red sky at night, 
Shepherd's delight. 
Pink in the morning,
Shepherd's warning. 

So a red sunset means good whether, but a pink sunrise doesn't. Happy forecasting! :)

Filly Wood

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