Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Little Post About Cats :3

Hello everyone! This is a little post about cats :3 as it says on the title! These are my cats. (Note, the kittens have all grown quite a bit now). 


The above is Paws. She is very playful, and once stole my toy mouse and buried it somewhere... Not good, Paws! She loves attention and jumps up to meet your hand when you're going to stroke her, which is very  cute!

And this one is Samy. She is very cute  and this isn't a picture of her at her best. She is Paws's sister and Daddy doesn't think she's that clever but he is absolutely wrong. Once I said to her 'Samy, where's Malty?'and she led me straight to where Malty was hiding! If that's not clever, then what is it? 

This is Humbug, Samy's biggest kitten.
He is Mr. Adorable Purriness and Furriness, for me! :3 And I just realised, that annoying green highlinhgting has stopped!
Some people (who aren't British) wonder why we called him Humbug. Yes, humbug also means a hypocrite I think, and some people just think it's a ''bug that hums''. Yeah, well there's also another meaning. In Britain, you get humbugs, and they're a type of black and white peppermint, also known as bullseyes, or bullseye humbugs! Our cat Humbug has several nicknames - Hummy, Bumble, Houmous and Bumbleberry. Mummy thinks Bumbleberry should be his main name, but Kinyonga and I are against that, because he was christened Humbug at the first few minutes of his life, and he shall remain Humbug! :b

This is Treacle, Mr. Sweet Soft Tripaw Pussy. 
I call him Treacling Splodge, Kinyonga calls him Treacling, but his name is really just Treacle, cute and sweet. 
 You may know what treacle is, but if  you don't, it's this stuff:

 And you may say ''That's all very well, but what is that stuff?'' Fair question. Explanation copied off Wikipedia:  Treacle is any syrup made during the refining of sugar and is defined as "uncrystallized syrup produced in refining sugar". So that's what treacle is! Anyway, our cat Treacle is very nice, and he has only three legs. What happened to his fourth paw we have no idea, but he was missing it, and the vet had to get rid of the rest of his because it was affecting him in some way, I don't really get it. But all in all, Treacle is one sweet pussy! 

I have to get off the computer now, so bye, and happy purring! 



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